Media Publications

Listed are the STEP2DYNA project’s publications in the media. Please see here for STEP2DYNA’s scientific journals and conference paper publications. New Drone Safety Algorithm, 16 November 2021

Robotics and Innovation, Researchers inspired by insects developing future drone technology, 10 November 2021

Business Link Insects inspire the future of drone technology,10 November 2021

University of Lincoln: Insects Inspire the Future of Drone Technology, 9 November 2021

eeNews Europe: New anti-collision technology is inspired by swarming insects, 19 March 2018

University of Lincoln: Inspired by Insects: New Anti-collision Technology Could Help Create Safer Driverless Cars, 18 March 2018

EurekAlert: Inspired by insects: New anti-collision technology could help create safer driverless cars, 15 March, 2018 Insects inspire University of Lincoln’s ULTRACEPT project for anti-collision technology for autonomous vehicles, 15 March, 2018