Training seminar 1

The STEP2DYNA Training seminar 1 was held on 1 December 2017 at Tsingua University, Beijing, China.

Tsingua University, East Main Building

The agenda of the seminar are detailed below:

10:00am – Arrive at Room 9-114 East Main Building, Tsinghua University

10:15am – STEP2DYNA introduction by Professor Shigang Yue, University of Lincoln

10:30am – Presentation/seminar by Jiannan Zhao (University of Lincoln):
Title: “A bio-inspired Collision Detector and Its Application on small Quad copter

11:00am – Presentation/seminar by Xuelong Sun:
Title: “A Biology Plausible Cues Combination Model for Path Integration and Vision Information of Insects Navigation

11:30am – Presentation/seminar by Hongxin Wang:
Title: “A Directionally Selective Small Target Motion Detecting Visual Neural Network in Cluttered Backgrounds

12:00pm – Networking

12:30pm – Lunch

2:00pm – Presentation/seminar by Huatian Wang:
Title: “Discussion of Models for Angular Velocity Detection in Visual Flight Control of Honeybee

2:30pm – Presentation/seminar by Xuqiang Zheng:
Title: “Design of A 40Gb/s Wireline Transceiver in 65nm CMOS

3:00pm – Q&A session and discussion on topics presented

3:45pm – Wrap up discussion

4:15pm – Close

A flyer for the Training Seminar
Lead Coordinator, Professor Yue, introducing the day
Xuelong Sun, PhD student of the University of Lincoln giving a presentation