Workshop 2

Workshop 2 took place on 27 April 2017 at the University of Lincoln, UK.

STEP2DYNA Workshop 2 at the University of Lincoln
Attendees at STEP2DYNA Workshop 2 held at the University of Lincoln

The agenda for the workshop:

1:30-2:30 Presentation by Hongxin Wang, followed by Q&As

Bio-inspired Image Processing for Small Target Motion Detection in Cluttered Dynamic Visual Environment

2:30-2:45 tea/coffee break.

2:45-3:20 Presentation by Daqi Liu, followed by Q&As

Event-driven Continuous STDP Learning with Deep Structure for Visual Pattern Recognition

3:20-4:00 Presentation by Qinbing Fu, followed by Q&As

Collision and Direction Selection Visual Neuron Models Research: Circuits, Mechanisms and Applications

4:00-4:35 Presentation by Biao Zhao, followed by Q&As

An affine invariant feature detector

4:35-4:55 Presentation by Ziteng Wang, followed by Q&As

A review of flapping wing UAV

4.55-5:25 Presentation by Jingmin Huang, followed by Q&As

A study of Programmatic Guarantee

5:25-5:30 Conclusion and Snapshots.