Lecture – March 2018

On 28 March 2018, Michael Mangan, a Senior Lecturer within Computer Science at the University of Lincoln, presented at ULTRACEPT project partner Tsingua University to a group of PhD students. The presentation was titled ‘Computational methods for understanding visual navigation in insects and robots‘.

A flyer for the talk by Michael Mangan


Insects are a stunning proof of principle that low-power, low computation navigation is possible in unstructured natural environments. Revealing the principles governing these behaviours is a goal for biologists seeking to understand brain function but also to engineering solutions. In this talk I will describe my work on visual navigation in desert: using cutting-edge technologies for novel behavioural insights; application of computational modelling and machine learning to understand sensory and neural system; and abstraction of biological understanding towards novel hardware and software solutions for engineering goals.

Michael Mangan delivering the talk
Group photo